Question: How much work experience do I need?

Answer: None. We work hard to teach our volunteers the joy of trail maintenance. We hope by investing our time in teaching you trail maintenance you’ll come back and join us again. However, if you have previous trail maintenance experience, please let us know in advance.

Question: What should I bring?

Answer: We will provide you with a basic list of the fundamentals before the project. In most cases, you will need to bring your own supplies for camping overnight if it is a multi-day trip. We do have some extra equipment like tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks. Let us know if you’d like to borrow one of these! Please do not bring your own tools.

Question: Do I have to pay a fee to sign up for a project?

Answer: Some of our longer projects do require you to pay a fee in order to join the trip. We’ve had trouble with people backing out of trips at the last minute and this can really affect the productivity of the overall project. By charging a fee, people are less likely to cancel their reservation. Fees also help to offset some of the costs of the longer trips.

Question: Do I have to bring food?

Answer: Some of our trips are “supported” meaning that we will provide a chef and the food for the trip. Other projects are “self-supported” and this means you will have to bring your own food. We do offer reimbursements of $15 a day per person when you provide your own food.

Question: Does ITA provide transportation?

Answer: Unfortunately Idaho Trails Association is unable to provide transportation for liability reasons. However, when you register for a trail project, please tell us if you are interested in carpooling with other participating volunteers and if you are willing to drive, need a ride, or are willing to drive or ride. We will put you in touch with other participating volunteers by e-mail to organize meeting times, meeting locations and other transportation logistics. We will only share your e-mail address. We never share your phone number with anyone without your permission. Remember, if you are a rider, please be courteous and offer to chip in on the cost of gas! If you do not wish to carpool we will provide you with directions to the project work site.

Question: How far in advance do I need to sign up?

Answer: Please sign up at least 48 hours in advance.

Question: Can I arrive late or leave early?

Answer: Please coordinate with us first by calling or sending an e-mail.

Question: Can I bring my kids?

Answer: Yes! Participants less than 18 years of age must be registered by their parent or guardian. Participants under the age of 16 must also be accompanied by an adult on our one day trail work parties.On our overnight or multiple day trail work parties/vacations no participants under the age of 16 are allowed and participants of the ages 16 -17 must be accompanied by an adult.

Question: Can I bring a pet?

Answer: Sorry, please do not bring any pets. We have found that pets can be a significant distraction and in some rare cases, a safety hazard. Even if you are confident in your own pet’s behavior, we must apply the rules fairly to everyone.

If you have any questions, please email! For more details on Trail work parties and vacations, please download our volunteer manual.

ITA Volunteer Manual