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Idaho’s stunning backcountry trails are there for all to enjoy. But someone needs to take care of our state’s amazing trail system. The good news is that the Forest Service maintains about 6,000 miles of Idaho trails. The “bad news” (it’s really good news) is that there are more than 23,000 miles of trails in the state. That’s why…

It’s up to us—we hikers, backpackers, and wilderness lovers—to take care of the rest.

We invite you to become an ITA member, at a level that fits your budget. Volunteers of all ages rave about our “work vacations.” We pack your camping gear into the backcountry, set up a great base camp, and prepare delicious meals all week long. After a week working on the trails, you’ll never take access to the backcountry for granted again.

So join with us to help protect access to the wild Idaho places you love. With your volunteer help and financial contributions, we can preserve and protect one of our state’s greatest treasures.

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