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Idaho offers some of the most spectacular and wild trails in the lower 48. These posts are intended to “peak” the hiker’s interest in specific trails and areas. However, we still encourage hikers to purchase guidebooks from local and regional authors. Guidebooks provide the most accurate and detailed information about Idaho’s hiking trails. Moreover, many authors contribute proceeds from the sales of their books to trail maintenance projects. We intend to post more trails over time, so check back regularly.

Sandpoint Area Day Hikes

There are some really nice hikes in the Sandpoint, Idaho area that local members of the Idaho Trails Association can recommend. To make it easier for you to find these hikes, we suggest that you purchase 3 books that provide detailed information on each of our favorites: “Trails of the Wild Selkirks, 2nd Edition” and […]

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Boulder Lake

Tucked away in some of Idaho’s tallest Peaks, Boulder Lake is surrounded by a rim of jagged, sky-scraping peaks that will leave your eyes popping out. You’ll find extraordinary views of the Devil’s Bedstead and other unnamed peaks topping out near or above 12,000 feet.

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Beehive Lakes

Climb through lush forests, of cedar, hemlock, alpine fir, and spruce to the beautiful Beehive Lakes. These mountain lakes are tucked into a high cirque basin in the Selkirk Crest. Hikers are rewarded with views of Roman Nose, The Beehive, Pack River, and Twin Peaks. Options for scrambles to the top of the Crest are also available, where even more spectacular views can be found.

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Scotchman Peak

Stunning views of Lake Pend Oreille, the Cabinet Mountains, and the Selkirk Mountains await you on top of Bonner County’s tallest peak. Hikers will likely find company at the top, where mountain goats negotiate rock outcroppings and steep cliffs.

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