Hitch 6 was a partnership between the Idaho Trails Association and the Selway-Bitterroot Frank Church Foundation. Three SCA interns were enthusiastic to work on the Gant Ridge trail in the Bighorn Crags.  We camped at Cathedral Lake, an oligotrophic body of water created from the last glacial recession. It was lovely. We fell asleep to a trickling melody played by the small creek near camp each night and awoke to sunlight filtering through Englemann spruce every morning.

After oatmeal and coffee, we hiked out to the worksite and tool cache, stretched, and began working. The trail certainly needed our help. In some areas, the trail was indiscernible from the rest of the forest.  In others, switchbacks had completely washed out. In eight days of leonine effort, we were able to repair 1,630 feet of tread, realign 115 feet, create 9 drainage structures, clean 2 water bars, and place 6 stepping stones. Safe to say the trip was a success, but much more work is needed on the Gant Ridge Trail.

Written by an SCA Intern